Help & FAQ


My company is listed in the Techvibes Directory but the listing is inaccurate - how do I edit it?

Only the moderator of a directory listing can make revisions to it, so let us know who you are by email and we'll assign the listing to your Techvibes account so that you can edit it on the fly when logged in.

My company listing has a correct address, but doesn't display a Google Map, why?

Google Maps may not have been able to validate your address. To correct this, go to the company listing, click "Edit", and click "Find Street". It should display a dropdown list with a validated address. If it is having problems doing so, trying adding the city name after the address.

I added my company listing but it seems to have disappeared. Where did it go?

The Techvibes Directory is meant for tech companies only and is regularly curated. If your company is missing, it has been deleted. Sorry.



When I try to add a job listing it doesn't save and the fields on the page go blank?

Be sure to specify a 'city location' for each job position.  Type cityname into the field in the job submission form AND hit 'search' to verify the city before submitting.

Our company needs to hire from abroad, so we need proof that our job opportunity has been posted on Techvibes. Can you help with that?

Recent amendments to Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) are designed to help employers fill gaps in the labour market. As an employer, you may need to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) - formerly known as a Labour Market Opinion (LMO). One of the steps to your LMIA is posting your job for at least 4 weeks.

If you need to apply for an LMIA, we can help. A printable customized letter with all the details you need for your LMIA application is available for every posting on Techvibes. Just ask for it.



I added my event to your Events Calendar but it disappeared. Why?

The Techvibes Events Calendar is meant for tech-related, in-person events. So if yours is not both, it will be removed.