AIESEC Provides Pro-D for Students

AIESECI want to go back to school. Not because I have a specific job in mind that I need a certificate for; not because I miss basing my schedule on ad-hoc, unilateral, spontaneous decision-making; not because I feel insufficiently educated or incapable; and not because I want to get laid (although all these things contain insidious whisperings of truth). I want to go back to school because the first time around I totally missed out on AIESEC.

AIESEC (Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciales) is an international, non-profit, student run organization that is focused on building skills and exploring potential as a young person; a comprehensive, broad based, well connected social network of students and recent graduates working together to help each other find out what they want to do, how to get the necessary skills, where to actually get a position, and how to make the world a better place at the same time. And there is no private self-interest conflicting with the students' questing.

AIESEC started in the 1930s and 40s with European schools collaborating on various programs and student exchanges, and has now grown more than 35,000 students strong, hooking up over 5,550 international internships per year for students to live and work abroad. Aside from providing internships, AIESEC provides leadership training trough internal roles to develop necessary skills and career focus, and helps out with the logistis surrounding the exchanges, including accommodation, work permit and more. Each year they deliver over 470 conferences to students, helping them network with one another and gather information to build their future as leaders.

If there is anything I can imagine longing for in the immediate time leading up to and following graduation, it would have been a support group of upwardly mobile, driven young professionals all chasing big dreams and comparing notes along the way, bolstered by a prestigious international presence with political know-how and connections to all sorts of big businesses around the world, offering the opportunity to travel and gain valuable experience fresh out of the meat grinder. And yes, they have an office right here in Vancouver, at SFU. Let me just quickly add this to my list of reasons why I hate SFU for rejecting me when I was in a year-end grade 12 academic death spiral....... OK.

The AIESEC approach is ultimately aimed at “Peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential” by developing students around values of leadership, integrity, diversity, participation, excellence, enjoyment, and sustainability. Through these values AIESEC helps students to take an active role in their lives, develop a personal vision, learn leadership skills, build a network, and champion a holistic world view for the future.

As far as the business world is concerned, AIESEC has access to a talent pool of the world’s best and brightest young leaders.

Now excuse me again while I find out if I’m young enough and a recent enough graduate to join.

Canadians Pay 5 cents to Have Photos Printed and Sent to Them, the Canadian online photo printing service, has announced on Friday the launch of their new online photo service which offers Canadians (with the exception of Quebecers) 4 x 6 prints for only 5 cents a print -- the lowest online price in Canada. Using their streamlined service, customers can upload hi-resolution images, order prints, posters, and photobooks on the spot, and receive them via Canada Post Express Mail within 3-7 business days.

Remember when we used to take a roll of film to a store and pay $30 to have it developed for us over a few days? And spending days picking and arranging your favourites into an album from piles on the floor? Five cents a print? Forget about it. It’s hard not to think that this will be the way all domestic photo prints will soon be made.

The Toronto-based company says it has put together a new, innovative system that enables direct-to-print server workflow, high speed production printing, and high tech production efficiency processes that allows it to provide such cost effective service. to Offer Legal Streaming Video to Canadians

Online DVD streaming is coming to Canada; that is, legal online DVD streaming. Ottawa-based website already handles online DVD rentals, the kind where you make your selection online and wait a couple of days for the DVD to be delivered to your front door, but who does that? Renting a DVD is far too idle an activity for this blogger to plan several days ahead, especially when it takes the same amount of time or less for him to search for an illegal download (not that he would ever dream of it).

Following the success of websites such as Netflix and hulu, is billing itself as Canada’s first ‘legit’ online film and television streaming service. The site will feature a huge selection of titles, obtained through an alliance with Sonic Solutions -- a California-based digital media content publising outfit -- and a smart ‘recommendation algorithm’ to help you decide what you'd like to watch based on your user profile and past rentals, when the rain outside stops your brain from working.

"Pushing movies through the Internet is a natural evolution of the home entertainment market," said Curt Millar, chief operations officer at "From on air broadcast, the future is getting video data into your living room."

Finally, a legitimate solution to one of this modern man’s laziest catch twenty-twos: the ability to legally rent any DVD title in a comfortable, incidental fashion when it’s too wet to go outside, without going outside.

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