Fast-Growing Diply a Fun Place to Work, Employees Say

When the internet was first created for public use, there were very few websites to choose from.

Since then, the web and its various incarnations have changed the world in which we live, the way we interact with technology and arguably the course of humanity itself. It also has changed the way we enjoy entertainment as a whole.

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From Tech Geek To Biz-Wiz: A Conversation With Valsoft’s Stephane Manos

In 2004, Stephane Manos graduated from Concordia University with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. Now, only twelve years later, he’s the Vice President and Co Founder, of Valsoft, a high-powered tech company that’s turning Ville Saint-Laurent into the Silicon Valley of the Eastern Seabord.

I went to his offices, chock full of young, vigorous employees despite what many have called Montreal’s moribund economy, to sit down and have a chat with this visionary.

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Regus Opens New Shared Workspace in Vancouver

In a world of freelancers and remote workers, coworking spaces continue to rise in popularity.

The latest flexible, shared working enviornment comes from Regus, who has opened a new space in Robson Square, which was recently decided by the city to be developed into a social hub of downtown.

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The Next Industrial Revolution is Already Here

Few business leaders would disagree if I were to describe the current economic and business climate as a merry go round, spinning faster and faster with each revolution. While it’s tempting for companies to simply hold on tight and wait until the ride’s over, that’s not a viable option. In a period of volatility driven by rapid change like the one we’re experiencing, those who are simply holding on for dear life will, eventually, get thrown off the ride.

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