Basil Peters

For the first half of my career I was an entrepreneurial CEO. More recently, I've been a hedge fund manager, venture capitalist and angel investor.

This my personal website. It describes my background, has links to my other web sites and hosts the presentations from my recent speaking engagements.

Technology Entrepreneur

I have always been fascinated by technology.

While I was still in grad school I co-founded Nexus Engineering. My first company grew fast and generated a surprising number of awards and press coverage.

We sold the Nexus Group after a decade and I went from being a starving entrepreneur with every cent I could borrow in the company I was running, to actually having some investable capital.

As a techie born and raised in Vancouver, I thought everything was bigger and brighter in Silicon Valley. My next CEO job was at ICTV Inc. - right in the heart of the Valley. I learned that the Valley is bigger, but not necessarily better. I'm now convinced entrepreneurs can be just as successful in Vancouver as in the Valley, or anywhere else in the world.

Fund Manager

I've co-founded and managed three technology investment funds.

My first fund was a hedge fund - Fundamental Technologies I. I believe it was the first hedge fund in BC.

By 2002, at the bottom of the bust, the tech equity bargains were irresistible, but I still couldn't find anyone who wanted to co-invest. So I started a family of early-stage venture capital funds which are now the BC Advantage Funds.

My current angel fund is Fundamental Technologies II.

Putting Something Back

I am passionate about entrepreneurship and believe the world would be a better place if we encouraged more young people to be entrepreneurs.

In the hope of helping to create more successful entrepreneurs, I speak regularly on campuses and for associations. My recent presentations are available here.

I also publish on a blog on best practices for angel investors and entrepreneurs at

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Basil Peters