Geoff Devereux

Geoff has been active in Vancouver’s technology start-up community for the past 6 years. Having worked extensively in the financial management and planning of these emerging companies, he has firsthand knowledge of the trials and tribulations businesses encounter when looking for new markets. Geoff regularly attends and contributes to the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the city through the Vancouver Enterprise Forum, guest blogging on, and as a mentor with ISSofBC. Prior to getting lured into tech start-ups, Geoff worked in various fields including a 5 year stint in a tax accounting firm. Geoff holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Bowling Green State University and an Accounting Diploma from CGA.

Geoff is currently working in a marketing/social media role with Indicee, a Saas Business Intelligence company, bringing B.I. to mere mortals and program leader with Junior Achievement.


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Geoff Devereux