Greg Marlin

Greg Marlin is a life-long entrepreneur who founded his first “media business” when he was 12, putting out a junior school paper in England. Along the way he has worked with everything from beer to software and his companies have worked with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Mitt Romney.

He is currently CEO of Marketing.AI, a Content Marketing Software platform that supports all stages of the B2B content marketing workflow, from Research to Strategy, Ideation to Calendar Planning, Production to Publishing and Promotion, and finally Measurement and Maintenance, all for a price that start-ups and SMB’s can afford.

As a passionate defender of the sales profession, he is quick to point out when people confuse pitching with selling (two very different things) and is happy to advise start-ups on how they can employ the latter to grow their businesses and be successful.

Articles by Greg Marlin

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Greg Marlin