Ian Bell

Ian Bell is a veteran founder of multiple startups in Silicon Valley, New York, and Vancouver. Selected as an Apple Research Fellow at Simon Fraser University in the early 1990s, he has been developing leading-edge consumer internet technologies since before there was a consumer internet. He has served in key Product Management roles with larger companies such as Telus and Cisco Systems and is responsible for bringing you services like Geekmail, BuzMe, RingCentral, PulverRadio, and others.

Currently Ian manages the world's most advanced mobile dating service, Tingle; and his pet project, the popular sports management tool RosterBot.

As an author, Ian's material has been published in Business Week, the Vancouver Sun, the Toronto Globe & Mail, GigaOm, and numerous other publications in print and online. He co-authored the 1997 book "HTML Studio Skills" and blogs irregularly at www.ianbell.com.


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Ian Bell