Jeffery Simpson

Jeffery Simpson is a Vancouver based freelance writer who has written on such subjects as:


  •  iPads
  • Kindles
  • digital comics
  • Ogopogos
  • speed dating
  • Twitter dating
  • Internet dating
  • dating in university
  • not dating in university
  • the Kelowna Rockets Western Hockey League Team
  • Second Life
  • podcasting
  • blogging
  • dating in Second Life
  • dating Ogopogos
  • not dating Ogopogos
  • social media
  • cellular telephones
  • wizards

And that's not including all of the Star Trek and X-Men fan fiction that he's written.

Jeffery has written for, The Georgia Straight, The Kelowna Daily Courier, eVent! magazine, The Phoenix, the Canadian University Press newswire and his dream journal. He was also a contributing editor the agent magazine, Canada's first student owned national magazine, as well as Editor-In-Chief of The Phoenix.  He spent three years on the board of directors of Campus Plus, the student owned and targeted advertising agency.  He was a founding blogger and City Captain for Vancouver Metblogs, the hyper-local group blog.

You can follow Jeffery Simpson on Twitter, or on his blog.  If you would like to hire him to write in your dream journal you can reach him at jefferysimpson at mac dot com.

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