Ryan Felgate

Who are you?

I am a regular guy who is in the early stages of venturing out into the startup world. I am currently working at SMART Technologies in the Product Management department.

What’s your background?

I am originally from Saskatchewan and I earned a Marketing degree from the University of Regina. After my degree, I moved to Calgary, Alberta to get experience at a technology company. I have always been interested in technology and have recently taken up programming in my spare time to increase my technical skills.

Why are you writing for Techvibes?

Techvibes gave me an opportunity to document my progress from a mild mannered employee into a super powered founder!! *cough*… um… comic references aside, I will be sharing my early experiences and hopefully answering some questions along the way. Also, Calgary has a lot of great things happening, and I want to do my best to raise the city’s profile as a technology hub in Canada.

Why should I care what you have to say?

My view is going to be starting from outside of the technology scene and slowly moving in. I will be writing posts that try to answer the burning questions around ideas, co-founders, and all the hard choices that get made that no one really talks about. I will also be giving local events more coverage and raising their profile to the levels that they deserve.

Anything you need to disclose?

Once I have things worthwhile to disclose, I will disclose them in my posts.

What else do you like to do for fun (besides tech stuff of course)?

I am a big fan of Ultimate Frisbee and play with the Calgary Ultimate Association on Tuesday nights. If you ever want to throw a disc around, let me know! I also enjoy video games, cartoons (bring back “Clone High”) and reading. Pretty standard stuff.

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