10 Analytics Tips for Game Developers and Publishers from Games Analytics

by Dan Verhaeghe

Chris Wright, the CEO of Games Analytics is 14 months deep into his new company focused on maximizing online game revenue. He gave away ten tips to the audience at Game On: Finance a couple weeks ago. He believes you can get a 20-30% uplift on monthly revenue on average by following his tips. 

10) Focus on the player. The game developer should cater the game to different types of players, understand the players and have a player centric view of game design always during development. Analytics allow you to tailor to individual types. 

9) Collect the right data. Focus on player level information not game level information. Understand information you want to analyze. Good events to measure are player progress, levels, and missions. Bad events to track are page views, movement, bugs/crashes, and browser/device time.

8) Understand the metrics. Once you understand what area of the game that needs focus you can ask yourself: How do I increase these metrics?

7) Segment player behaviour. This is important for virality and revenue potential.

6) Social interaction. This promotes connection, centrality, cohesion and social influence among other things.

5) Identify player value. Understand payment patterns on your game, triggers for spending, the lag until the second spending occurs, and reasons for reactivation. 

4) Pattern analysis. Did it happen once, twice and again? And what will happen next? 

3) Predictive modelling. Predict behaviour and deliver marketing intervention truly, personally, and appropriately. 

2) Actionable results. Analytics provide tools to improve the game in various ways and you should get actionable results from following the above tips.

1) Changes The Game! After understanding the analytics from your game, you can change the game accordingly. Web games should always be evolving and more tailored to the players as time goes on to maximize reenue. 

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