10 Gary Vaynerchuck quotes from Vancouver's The Art of Marketing you must read

by Knowlton Thomas

Gary Vaynerchuck was one of five keynote speakers at today's The Art of Marketing conference in Vancouver. With the mouth of a sailor and the heart of a true entrepreneurial trailblazer, Gary is always good for quotes. Here are 10 handpicks from dozens of eligible candidates.

1. "What's the ROI of your mother?" Gary in reply to someone asking what the ROI of social media is.

2. "Search.Twitter.com is the greatest listening tool of our time." 

3. "Every person, myself included, is grossly underestimating the Internet."

4. "Content is king; marketing is queen and that bitch runs the household."

5. "What is the ROI of a piano for me? Nothing. I don't know how to play. What is the ROI of a piano for Elton John? A fuck load." Which brings us to the next quote:

6. "Content is king, but context is the battle."

7. "Fuck you, nerd."

8. "Lifetime retention. That's where nerds can't beat you. Why? Because they're introverted and they're nerds."

9. "Every piece of content created from the beginning of time to 2003 is being replicated today every 48 hours."

10. "Traditional media is not broken, it's just mispriced in the 2011 world."

Bonus quote: "Fuck Boston."

Not a quote, but... there was one attendee at The Art of Marketing who doesn't have a cellphone. Gary insisted upon hugging her.

Oh, and one last note: Ryan Holmes, CEO of Vancouver's HootSuite, will be driving Gary back to YVR after the event.

Anyone at the event, please add your own favourite quotes to this list by commenting below.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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