20 Most Active Venture Capital Investors in Canada

Today TechFinance.ca published a list of the Most Active Venture Capital investors in Canada to date for 2009.

The number preceding the firm's name is the number of deals they participated in and the dollar amount after their name is the total value of the deals in Millions.

  1. 26 - Business Development Bank of Canada - $128
  2. 25 - GrowthWorks Ltd. - $99
  3. 10 - VenGrowth Private Equity Partners - $27
  4. 5 - Fonds de solidarité FTQ - $96
  5. 5 - Yaletown Venture Partners Inc. - $19
  6. 4 - iNovia Capital - $27
  7. 4 - Ventures West Capital Ltd. - $26
  8. 4 - Lions Capital Corp. - $16
  9. 4 - Export Development Canada - $13
  10. 4 - AVAC Ltd. - $10
  11. 4 - Covington Capital Corporation - $7
  12. 3 - Desjardins Venture Capital - $19
  13. 3 - Multiple Capital Inc. - $15
  14. 3 - BDR Capital - $15
  15. 3 - B.E.S.T. Investment Counsel Limited - $9
  16. 3 - Discovery Capital Management Corp. - $7
  17. 2 - JLA Ventures Inc. - $21
  18. 2 - CTI Life Sciences Fund - $20
  19. 2 - EdgeStone Capital Partners - $18
  20. 2 - VentureLink LP - $17

Have a quick look at the 2008 results and you'll see that this year's numbers are way down.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

With approximately $1 billion in assets under management, VenGrowth is one of Canada's leading venture capital firms. Since it began operations in 1982, VenGrowth's experienced team of seasoned venture capitalists has invested nearly $500 million in over 100 companies. These investments have been made on behalf of leading pension funds, insurance companies, family foundations, as well as... more

Yaletown Venture Partners
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Yaletown Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that invests time and money in seed and early-stage technology and clean-tech companies. Yaletown focuses on Western Canadas vibrant Energy Technology and Information Technology and Clean-tech clusters. Yaletown is backed by some of Canadas largest pension funds and financial institutions, all of which... more

GrowthWorks Capital
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

GrowthWorks is a recognized leader in the Canadian venture capital industry, specializing in the management and growth of regionally based venture capital funds. GrowthWorks has combined assets under management of more than $800 million. Rolf Dekleer joined GrowthWorks in 2000, bringing eighteen years of operating experience in the technology sector with Cymbolic Sciences, MacDonald Dettwiler,... more

Business Development Bank of Canada
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

BDC is Canada's business development bank. From 94 branches across the country, BDC promotes entrepreneurship by providing highly tailored financing, venture capital and consulting services to entrepreneurs. BDC works with entrepreneurs in all industries, through all economic cycles and focuses on helping small and medium-sized businesses in their development projects, local and global. BDC... more

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Rob Lewis

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