31% of BlackBerry 10 Developers are Abandoning the Platform Before It's Even Out: Report

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A new survey of mobile developers by Baird Equity Research reveals some of the darkest statistics ever for RIM's platform.

Mobile developers ranked the outlookof Google's Android a respectable 8.7 and Apple's iOS an awesome 9.3 But BlackBerry 10 ranked just 3.8, down from 4.6 last quarter. And BlackBerry 7 was ranked 2.8, down from 3.8, which places it barely ahead of HP's virtually dead webOS.

Worse, 31% of BB10 developers have shifted some or all of their work away from the platform in the past three months, and 34% did the same last quarter, according to Baird's data. How many more quarters can RIM bleed developers like that?

Baird's research is reinforced by IDC's and Appcelerator's, who jointly found in their Mobile Developer report that interest in BlackBerry declined from nearly 22% in late 2011 to barely 15% early in 2012.

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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