67% of Email in Canada is Spam and We're Hot Targets for Phishing Scams and Malware

by Knowlton Thomas | Research

The latest intelligence report from Symantec, which tracks and analyzes cyber security threats, trends, and insights, reveals that spam is Canada has not gone down. Last year, the Canadian government created Bill C-28 to put a damper on spam and spyware, but it hasn't gone anywhere. And this year, plans were announced for an anti-spam reporting centre, but this too has not materialized.

As a result, a staggering 67% of email in Canada is pure and utter spam. Sad but true; we've been calling this country a spammer's paradise for years.

This number is almost identical to the US, which is just 0.1% less.

We're also a hot target for phishing scams, with one in 332 emails containing one; this is considerably worse than in America (one in 1,261), Singapore (2,679), or Japan (8,000) among others. And Canada also demonstrates a high risk of email-borne threats, which are in one in 271 emails—again, dramatically worse than others such as Denmark (one in 438) and Australia (one in 598).

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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