7 social media mistakes or cutting through the crap of social media

On Sunday, Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Business Management was the site of the first ever Freelance Camp Toronto.  This event sought to educate and inspire future and current freelancers on the benefits (and lifestyle?) of freelancing. 

Alex Blom was one of the key organizers of Freelance Camp Toronto.  He was also one of the presenters.  And he didn't waste anyone's time; as an organizer or a presenter. 

His presentation, Social Media is not new and the 7 biggest social mistakes, just might have been the most entertaining and eye-opening presentations of the day. (Below you can find a copy of his slide deck.)

Alex mainly consults in the enterprise realm and deals with many high level executives.  As a result, his viewpoint is focused on the needs of CEO's and other c-suite officers: the bottom line.  If social media doesn't result in more sales of widgits or widget services, Alex's clients could care less.

Understanding that potential and current clients are online is one thing.  However, if sales targets are being missed and improvements in sales and marketing are being ignored than all the social media in the world won't matter.

As Alex so elequently put it, you can put all the lipstick you want on a pig.  The fact is the pig remains ugly.

Freelance Camp Toronto: Social is not new and the 7 biggest social mistakes

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