9% of All Facebook Accounts are Fake

by Robert Lewis | Culture

According to a new Q-10 filing by Facebook, 8.7%—or more than 80 million—of the social network's "active" users are fake accounts. That's nearly 2.5 times the entire population of Canada, or roughly five times the number of active users in Canada.

Facebook says 4.8% are duplicate accounts, 2.4% are user-misclassified accounts, and 1.5% are spam accounts. In March, before the company went public, it offered more conservative numbers. The social network estimated that just 5% of its accounts, or between 40 and 50 million, were fake.

Facebook doesn't just sit back and let it happen, though. The company actively weeds out these fake accounts, banning about 20,000 per day, or more than seven million per year.

In blog post last October, Facebook admitted that that 600,000 accounts were compromised per day, or what would amount to well over 200 million for 2011. Now that Facebook has added a couple hundred million users, and hasn't given any updated on enhanced protection from said breaches, it's relatively safe to assume that close to one million accounts may be compromised on any given day.

The company pointed out last year, however, that this equates to just 0.06% of all logins into the site, which exceed one billion per day.

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