A Canadian's perspective on TechCrunch Disrupt and New York City

by Jeff Musson

TechCrunch Disrupt NYC 2011 took place this past week in New York City and what surprised me most were not the cool innovative technology companies (which had some great technology on display), but how fast the New York tech scene is growing.  In talking with companies and investors based in New York, it becomes apparent that Silicon Alley is quickly starting to make some noise as a place in which to launch your startup.

There is a large startup community that is getting organized in New York.  Tech meetups are generally sold out and if TechCrunch Disrupt is any indication, there are some very innovative companies coming out of this space.

As was explained to me, there are a number of key ingredients that are already in place that will make Silicon Alley a force in the global start up scene, mainly, the easy access to funding.  New York is the financial hub of the world and by wealth association; capital is not as difficult to access in New York City as in other parts of North America.  Where they do struggle though, is in the area of growing and retaining good talent along with the high overhead costs.  These two areas are hurdles which need to be addressed.

While at the event, it was great to see a couple of Canadian companies being highlighted, one in particular called Social Seek.  In talking with the company founder, Jaafer Haider, the company just launched their latest product at TechCrunch Disrupt.  Haider felt that the tech scene in New York, together with the numerous marketers and advertisers; that it made more sense to launch where his customers are as opposed to out in Silicon Valley where it would be difficult to get his message above the noise.

It is going to be interesting in the next little while to see if other Canadian tech start-ups bypass Silicon Valley in favour of Silicon Alley.  Only time will tell.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Jeff Musson

Jeff Musson

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