A Look at the Design Process Behind HootSuite's Awesome 'HQ2' Office

Tech Office Tours: Hootsuite HQ2

By Techvibes.com

We sat down with Antonio Millares III, Co-Founder of 3x9 & the designer who worked closely with Hootsuite on the new 27,000 sq ft HQ2. This awe-inspiring building is located in YVR's Mount Pleasant.

  • Who is the designer?

    By Techvibes.com

    Born & raised in Brooklyn, Antonio started his first company in 1998. His background is in premium wood working and he is a master in reverse engineering materials to make projects come alive.

  • What sets 3x9 apart from the rest?

    By Techvibes.com

    3×9 offers a blend of unique design, manufacturing and management expertise to help their clients successfully communicate their vision through space planning & aesthetics.

  • Besides the obvious, what inspired you?

    By Techvibes.com

    "Working with the Hootsuite team was truly a pleasure, they act as a unit, the direction was very clear and they are a great organization to work with."

  • How does office space influences productivity?

    By Techvibes.com

    "It's vital for employees to feel that they are in a comfortable environment where they can be free of distractions while being aligned with whats happening within the corporate culture."

  • What surprised you most?

    By Techvibes.com

    "How the design & what we created impacted the lives of the employees & how important this space is to the Hootsuite culture. It was inspiring seeing people take such pride in their workspace."

  • How long did it take from conception to opening?

    By Techvibes.com

    "6 months. Although it was a short lead time, the project was extremely successful due to the amazing team. Everyone worked well together and it was awesome working with such great people."

  • Who did you work with?

    By Techvibes.com

    "The key players were Hootsuite, 3x9, Yamamoto Architecture, Fusion Projects and Three Dimensional Services."

  • What was the coolest feature in this office?

    By Techvibes.com

    "A personal favourite is the quiet room, an acoustically treated room where no one is allowed to speak. What's cool about it is that it was requested by the staff."

  • Can you share something people might not know?

    By Techvibes.com

    "When Hootsuite staff was told that certain teams were going to be moved, some were bummed out because everyone loves HQ1. When the office was unveiled everyone was blown away & many wanted to move!"

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