AccelerateAB announces keynote speaker Howard Lindzon

by Sarah Blue

AccelerateAB is just over a month away and today they announced its keynote speaker.  The conference promises to offer Alberta tech entrepreneurs relevant and practical advice on how to take their companies to the next level and promises to be a day of learning and networking for Calgary.

Today's announcement of speakers includes keynote speaker Howard Lindzon, Founder of StockTwits. Other speakers and panellists include:

  • Art Wong, CEO, IronKey (C100)
  • Boris Wertz, Founder, GrowLab & CEO, WMedia Ventures (C100)
  • Anthony Lee, General Partner, Altos Ventures (C100)
  • Mark Macleod, General Partner, Real Ventures
  • Robert Simon, Partner, Ariva Partners (C100)
  • Derek Ball, CEO, Tynt
  • Brian Wong, Founder, Kiip (C100)
  • Danny Robinson, CEO, BCIC (C100)
  • Shawn Abbott, Partner, iNovia (A100)
  • Stephen Kenney, Professor, MRU & serial entrepreneur (A100)
  • Brad Zumwalt, Founder, Veer (A100)
  • Patrick Lor, President Fotolia & former Director at (A100)
  • Stephen King, Former CEO, Mob4Hire, CMO Intuit Canada, Serial entrepreneur (A100)
  • David Quail, co-founder Attassa (C100)
  • Duleepa Wijayawardhana, Founder Empire Avenue

Along with listening to the speakers, you will also have a chance to meet with leading industry advisors including accounting firms, law firms and recruiters. 

AccelerateAB is on July 13th - grab a ticket for $20 before they sell out.

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Sarah Blue

Sarah Blue

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