Acclaimed Canadian Author Margaret Atwood Rejected by Kickstarter, Tries Indiegogo

Almost everyone in Canada has heard the name Margaret Atwood at least once. The popular novelist is 72 and still going strong, pumping out brilliant fiction pieces like a finely oiled machine.

However, she recently encountered a bump in the road. Well, more like a tall, thick barricade. She took a certain idea—dubbed "Fanado," a hybrid of "fan" and "aficionado"—to Kickstarter to raise funds, only to find the door slammed in her face. And Kickstarter didn't even feel the need to offer a clear reason why.

Fanado is a clever way for fans of Margaret—or any author, or even any artist from any industry—to engage with their idols online, through features such as virtual CD or book autographing. But, according to Book Riot, who kindly combed through the Kickstarter Guidelines, Fanado was likely rejected because "it does not have a finite goal."

Instead of screaming to Kickstarter, "do you know who I am?!" like some entitled celebrity, Margaret moved on. But the acclaimed author is a stubborn one, and the great thing about crowdfunding is that there are plenty of other options to choose from (although no other platform has raised $10 million in one campaign). So she took Fanado elsewhere: namely, Indiegogo.

Unfortunately, for all this fuss, Fanado isn't performing so well on the crowdfunding site. Thus far, it's only raised $2,200 of its $85,000 goal. And even though 41 days remain, its trajectory suggests the funding may fall short. Perhaps Fanado will try someplace else, and the third time will prove a charm. Or perhaps Kickstarter was right, and Fanado needs a "finite goal."

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