Acision partners with Vancouver's Aegis Mobility to address the challenged of distracted driving

Acision has forged an alliance with Vancouver's Aegis Mobility to solve the problems that arise from drivers who become distracted by their mobile devices.

The partnership integrates Aegis Mobility's DriveAssist service with Acision's Personalized Messaging portfolio. Combined, these two products create a technology that aims to help operators of motor vehicles access their mobile device in a safe manner.

"Acision is partnering with Aegis Mobility to offer a solution to address safety concerns associated with mobile phone usage while operating a motor vehicle. We believe operators will find strong market interest in this distracted driving solution, especially among parents looking to protect their teenage children, as well as enterprises wishing to reduce liability risk and enhance the safety of their mobile employees," said Rick Harris, senior vice president and general manager of North American operations for Acision. "This alliance empowers operators to accelerate the deployment and delivery of a distracted driving solution that will save lives."

"Acision and Aegis Mobility are working together to address the challenge of distracted driving," said William Stack, President of Aegis Mobility. "Our work with Acision is an important step in the ongoing effort to provide solutions that enable operators to meet growing subscriber demand for distracted driving solutions in a scalable, network-efficient manner."

Aegis Mobility
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Aegis Mobility is a leading provider of software for mobile phones to prevent distracted driving. DriveSafer enables employers to actively and passively enforce cell phone usage policies to reduce crashes, risk and liability. While the DriveSafer architecture has been designed specifically for enterprise-class solutions, the technology is equally suitable for consumer applications and has been... more

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