AdHack Beta Launch Party Tonight

by Greg Andrews

AdHack is hosting a Beta Launch Party tonight, 7pm to Midnight, at the Anza Club (8th Ave and Ontario St), and are holding it DIY-style:

We’ll have great DIY games and activities for you to participate in throughout the night. Prizes? You better believe it. Music? DIY too. Bring your iPod (or MP3 player) and you’ll get a shot to play DJ for a song or three. Introduce your favourite selections to the crowd. Get them dancing on the tables. Tickets? A little DIY. Why the heck not?! Here’s the low down. Bring a copy of one of your all-time favorite ads. It can be an AdHack ad or an ad you found elsewhere. Whatever tickles your fancy. From the ads you bring in we’ll create a montage. Your ad will be considered your ticket in, with an RSVP.

Visit the event page. Ticket offerings may be closed, but I'm sure you could fire off an email and ask nicely.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews

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