Amazon Will Let You Advertise on Kindle Fire. But Not for Less Than $600,000

by Techvibes NewsDesk

The iPhone 5 is going to have a larger screen and include a baby elephant with each purch—nevermind, this is an Amazon rumour, not an Apple one.

While Amazon doesn't often crop up in the rumour mill, a recent report by Ad Age suggests that the online retail behemoth is considering advertisements on the Kindle Fire's home screen. Sound nasty for the user? Perhaps, but you probably won't have to worry—Amazon won't take less than $600,000 for a single campaign.

For that price, reports indicate an advertiser gets two months of action. And apparently there's a $1-million mega campaign package, although the details on that one are less clear. 

The affordable Kindle Fire was white-hot after its launch, rapidly reaching a remarkable 17% of the tablet marketshare in a matter of months. But the Android device quickly lost its cool. Stagnating sales and the "new" iPad from Apple caused a steep plunge in marketshare for the Fire—it now sits at a paltry 4%.

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