Andrea Shillington Returns to Canada to Change the World

Andrea Shillington wants to help startups brand themselves effectively and affordably. After 8 years of working with agencies branding large corporations and governments around the world, she’s returned to Canada to launch Brands for the People, a web startup that makes professional branding affording for do-good companies.

“When I moved to Vancouver, I started freelancing for a local branding agency and became acutely aware of the burgeoning community of altruistic entrepreneurs here in BC,” says Andrea. “After working with corporate clients to make rich people richer, it was exciting to talk to visionary entrepreneurs who wanted to have a positive effect on the world.”

BftP's story:

We've trimmed the fat associated with branding agencies and built our business online. Our software platform matches startups with rock star designers so that small businesses can afford to buy brands not logo designs. We believe logo is a four letter word, which is why we've developed a series of strategic online resources freely available. Our process is for startups serious about standing out from the crowd and bringing Good into the world. We are called Brands for the people because that is what we stand for.

“I’m the last person you’d expect to develop a technology platform for my business," Andrea quips, "but I realized it was the way forward to help small businesses buy what they actually needed at a price they can afford.” The business model is "a hybrid between the creative agency, a freelance designer, and crowdsourcing sites." 

BftP's vision:

We will rest when businesses make a profit without being greedy. We will exhale when we've helped hundreds of thousands of startups become world famous brands. And, finally we will rest when the discussion about branding is no longer about logo design.

 “Changing the world is an enormous task, one that demands personal commitment and vision, so I encourage leaders to get personal before tackling how their company will change the world," Andrea says. “I dream of guiding thousands of startups to become world famous brands. My ultimate vision is to help these businesses profit without being greedy.”

Bftp's philosophy:

1. Everyone is creative, resourceful and good.

2. Businesses can prosper without greediness.

3. One person can make a difference.

4. Change starts from the heart.

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