Another group-buying site joins an already crowded Canadian marketplace

by Warren Frey | Culture


Raise your hand if you like deals.  Of course you do!  That's why Groupon is taking the Canadian marketplace by storm. 

Now raise your hand if you think there are too many group buying companies in Canada. All of you, eh?

Just last month announced the launch of their new group buying program called Deal of the Day.  So, yeah there are a bunch.

And yesterday, North American restaurant and hospitality guide, launched The main difference between DealFind and everyone else?  Their unique ambassador program. 

It starts to work when users refer friends, colleagues and family members to purchase a deal. Through this program, Dealfind encourages users to share the deal with others via Facebook and Twitter. Whenever a purchase results from a referral, Dealfind will pay the ambassador a commission.

I guess the next logical question should be, who likes to make money?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dealfind is a branch of which started in 1999. Since May, 2010 this online group buying website has sold over 750,000 vouchers, and has saved consumers over $112,000,000. The 72nd most visited site in Canada, the company is also listed as the 626th most visited site in the United States* and the 2,734th most visited site in the world*. Dealfind employs 130 staff and can credit... more

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Warren Frey

Warren Frey

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