Appifier Becoming Serious Contender in App Industry [Interview]

Appifier is one of the most promising startups that completed the Spring 2012 FounderFuel cohort.

The Canadian tech startup brings online publishers to life on mobile by creating captivating app experiences for online content. With these experiences, Appifier can bring visibility, discoverability and monetization to publishers across the web. The company can then distribute these app experiences in its Blogstand app. It represents a one-stop shop for online content from publishers big and small.

We conducted an interview with the CEO Mike Gozzo of Appifier.

LOUIS: I saw your pitch at Demo Day. Can you remind me some of your stats?

APPIFIER: Appifier has brought over 4,000 online publishers onto its platform. 2,000 during the last two weeks of May. It's growing fast.

Our approach is modeled after Apple's Newsstand but targeted to bloggers and long-tail content producers. Newsstand users like the NYT saw huge increase in their reach. NYT saw an 85X download boost, Conde Nast saw a 268% increase in readership.

There are 164 million online-only publishers on the web today.

LOUIS: What did you learn that helped you the most at FounderFuel?

APPIFIER: How to fail gracefully and quickly. How to listen very carefully to the market's heartbeat. How to differentiate "gee, that's cool" from a real pain being resolved.

LOUIS: Have you made profound changes to your business model?

APPIFIER: Moving to a freemium model that is consumer-focused and not expressly B2B.

LOUIS: How do you monetize your activities?

APPIFIER: Advertising revenue share with publishers and SaaS based premium features (advanced customization, app store publishing, featured distribution and more).

LOUIS: What are the costs for an Appifier App?

APPIFIER: App experiences are free to create for base versions.

LOUIS: Do you want to raise funding?

APPIFIER: We are presently in discussion with angels and venture capitalists.

LOUIS: What are your objectives in one year?

APPIFIER: Reach 10,000 publications and 250,000 readers, complete financing, and hiring two to three employees.

Montréal, Québec, Canada

FounderFuel is a top tier mentor-driven accelerator that helps early stage web, mobile and SaaS startups raise seed capital. We believe startup success is more about the people than the idea. We take a lot of care in choosing the smartest and most dedicated, passionate and resourceful people possible. Our intensive 12 week program accelerates your startup by helping you to increase traction,... more

Montréal, Québec, Canada

We're bringing visibility, discoverability and monetization to online publishers on mobile phones and tablets following the model that Apple used with Newsstand to bring print publishers to life on their devices. We leverage a powerful app creation engine to quickly build app experiences around online content and distribute it using Blogstand. Unlike content aggregators, Blogstand partners... more

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