Apple Envisioned Siri 24 Years Ago

by Steve Dotto | Apple

Despite the luke-warm reception given the new iPhone 4s by the worlds computer press, record levels of pre-orders have assured it will be a commercial success. Possibly the most important feature in the new iOS5 (available for download tomorrow) will be Siri.

Siri is intelligent voice recognition, and as I researched it’s features, I was drawn back to my earliest days in tech.

In 1987 ago Apple released their vision of the future, it was a video called the Knowledge Navigator, take a look at that vision then, and set it against Siri....

The similarities are profound. It could simply be coincidence, but it could also speak to the focus and dedication Apple, under Steve Jobs has shown to a view of their future.

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Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto is Canada's most respected geek. For over 15 years, as host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, a nationally syndicated TV show, Steve has entertained and educated millions of Canadians on all aspects of technology. Now on radio and a podcast Dotto Tech continues to put technology in it’s place, in the hands of the users. Steve has a passion for understanding the social impact of... more

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