Apple Names iPhone and iPad Apps of the Year

In Apple's iTunes and App Store Rewinds for 2011, the company this week unveiled the iPhone and iPad apps of the year.

Instagram, a free filter-happy photo-sharing app, won iPhone App of the Year. The $1.99 VidRhythm and free Band of the Day were runners-up. Tiny Tower won iPhone Game of the Year. Tiny Wings ($0.99) and Touchgrind BMX ($4.99) were runners-up.

Snapseed, a $4.99 image editing app, won iPad App of the Year. Dead Space, a $4.99 futuristic shoot-em game, won iPad Game of the Year.

Angry Birds was the number-one paid app on both the iPhone and iPad with well over 500 million downloads—making it the most downloaded game in the history of gaming, Rovio proudly points out. Already, users have spent a total of 200,000 years playing Angry Birds.

Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds Seasons, Cut the Rope, and Tiny Wings filled up the top 5 top sellers on the iPhone. The top 5 free apps on the iPhone were Facebook, Pandora Radio, Words With Friends Free, Angry Birds Free, and Skype.

The rest of the iPad's top 5 paid apps were Pages, Angry Birds Seasons HD, GarageBand, and Angry Birds Rio HD. And for free apps, Angry Birds HD Free, The Weather Channel, Netflix, CNN, and Angry Birds Rio HD Free rounded out the top 5.

Last year, Flipboard was Apple's iPad App of the Year. Flipboard very recently launched an iPhone app. Apple also named Hipstamatic as the iPhone app of the year and Plants vs. Zombies as the iPhone game of the year, while Osmos won iPad Game of the Year.

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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