Apple's Big Event: MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, iPad Mini

CEO Tim Cook reports the following stats about Apple.

- Apple sold five million iPhone 5s in the opening weekend, the most new iPhones and smartphones overall sold by Apple in one weekend.

- Apple has sold three million iPods since the new ones came out last month.

- Apple already has 200 million devices running iOS 6 after just one month, the fastest upgrade rate "of any software in history that we're aware of."

- Consumers have placed 125 million documents in iCloud in the past year.

- Consumers have sent an incredible 300 billion iMessages in the past year.

- 28,000 iMessages are sent per second.

- There are 160 million active Game Center accounts. 

- Consumers have shared a staggering  70 million photos via Photo Stream in the past month.

- There are more than 700,000 iOS apps and 275,000 iPad apps.

- Consumers have downloaded a jaw-dropping 35 billion apps.

- Apple has paid developers $6.5 billion for iOS apps.

- Consumers have downloaded 400 million iBooks so far.

Tim Cook announces a new version of iBooks with continuous scrolling, iCloud integration, and social sharing. It's available now for free.

- The Mac has been outgrowing PC growth for six years in a row.

- Apple now has the number one desktop in the US and the number one notebook in the US.

Phil Schiller takes the stage to introduce a new iMac and MacBook. He reveals the new 13-inch MacBook Pro.

- It's 20% thinner at 0.75 inches.

- It weighs only 3.5 pounds, nearly one pound lighter than old version.

- It has a Retina display with reduced reflection and glare.

- Intel dual-core i7 processor.

- Seven hour battery life.

- Starts at $1,699 and begins shipping today. (Non-Retina MacBook starts at $1,199 still.)

Now Phil Schiller introduces the Mac Mini. "You knew there would be something with the word 'mini' in it during this presentation," he quips.

- Dual-core i5 with 4GB ram and 500GB HDD for $599.

- Quad-core i7 with two 1TB HDD for $999. Both versions ship today.

Next Phil reveals the new iMac. It's redesigned. Insanely thin.

- Improved display: thinner, full lamination design, plasama deposition process, 75% less reflection, individually calibrated.

- Eight pounds lighter than previous generation.

- Apple Fusion Drive option: 128GB of flash Storage with 1TB HDD fused together in a single volume that works automatically. It's also smart and decides which apps to run from which harddrive. It's nearly as fast as full flash storage.

- 21.5-inch iMac with quad-core i5 and 8GB RAM starts at $1,299. Starts shipping in November.

- 27-inch iMac with quad-core i5 and 8GB RAM for $1,799. Starts shipping in December.

Tim Cook takes the stage to talk iPad.

- Apple has sold 100 million iPads (in 2.5 years).

- iPad still owns 91% of web traffic on tablets. 9% is shared among the dozens and dozens of other competitors.

- iBooks Author available today as a free download.

Phil takes the stage once again. He discusses the fourth generation iPad.

- A6X processor that doubles performance and graphic performance while maintaining 10-hour battery life.

- Upgrades Facetime HD to 720p. Supports LTE data service.

- All the upgrades for the same price of $499.

Phil unveils the iPad Mini.

- 53% lighter than regular iPad. Weighs only 0.68 pounds. Thin as a pencil and light as a pad of paper.

- Available in white and silver, and black and slate.

- Screen size is 7.9 inches. Resolution is 1024x768 pixels for 162 pixels per inch; developers don't have to adjust their apps but this it is not a Retina display.

- Without being physically larger the iPad Mini's screen size is up to 35% larger than Nexus 7. And 49% larger for web surfing in portrait. And 67% larger for web surfing in landscape. 

- The iPad Mini will start at $329.

- Preorders begin this Friday.

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