Apple's iOS 5 Digital Newsstand further rocks traditional media world, RIM's super app vision surfaces

by Dan Verhaeghe | Technology

While I mused about how the face of news reporting is changing with automation, the most recent update to the iOS has now drastically impacted magazine publishers and those who sell and read those publications as Apple has unveiled the digital newsstand. It allows users to organize their news and magazine publications in a custom fashion.

The newsstand is effectively reminiscent of the visionary future RIM's Jim Balsillie predicted where there would be "super apps" rather than an app for everything as was well documented last November. In newsstand, the long download times are even eliminated as new content is downloaded in the background. The iPhone, which has been proven to be the smartphone where the most advertising is recognized by comScore, even allows advertisers in newsstand to do more proactive marketing and merchandising activities to capture new subscribers and increase revenues.

Adobe's Vice President and General Manager of Media Solutions Todd Teresi says: "We are seeing rapid adoption of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite among publishers that want to create exceptional, enaging apps enabled for Newsstand that reinvent the magazine experience while making digital content more easily discoverable and marketable. Adobe technology is lowering the barriers to publishing digital editions of magazines and newspapers as well as enabling publishers to better showcase asnd merchandise digital content on iOS devices". 

Could the traditional newsstand be on the way out?

Adobe says that National Geographic, Reader's Digest and Condé Nast have already created apps enabled for the digital newsstand with more expected in the near future from Bonnier, Dennis Publishing, Newsweek, Rodale Inc., Smithsonian, and Wenner Media. 

With survivability at stake in the always rapidly changing media business, publishers have indeed jumped on the bandwagon for Apple's latest feature. 

The Vice-President and global Editor-in-Chief of Reader's Digest, Peggy Northrop says: "Adobe's full support for newsstand is attractive for us because it will provide our readers/customers with the convenience of having content immediately avaialbe in their digital newsstand as well as organizing all their magazines in one spot."

Such ramifications for the waiting rooms and creative spots of the world. Where rather than picking up the magazine, we pick up a tablet provided to us, perhaps chained to the table by a security cable. 

I'm reminded of the fact that convienence stores and portable newsstands can't seem to sell out the newspapers and magazines anymore. Perhaps they should supplement the power walls and stands with QR Codes, which are digital barcodes that link us from the offline world to the online world to download the digital apps, making a store commission that way. 

Newspapers and magazines now must work together to promote the newly found newsstand- digital subscriptions should be available on the portable newspaper boxes throughout cities.

Digital is the way of the future, and if traditional magazine publishers don't embrace it they could easily be on the way out more than ever before- especially if Android embraces "super apps" too. 

Pick up the Toronto Star, the Montreal Gazette or the Vancouver Sun and at the same time download your National Geographic subscription? 

Indeed, the digital newsstand will make a profound impactmark- and perhaps not more notably so than helping continue this change in thinking as RIM once promoted from an app world to a super app world. 

For mobile has always been about so much more than apps for interconnectivity is such a common theme, which we're now seeing in apps. 

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