AskMen, Oboxmedia founder talks about what he looks for as an investor

Born and raised in Montreal, founder Christopher Rovny is back to his old stomping grounds, and he’s looking to give back to the tech community where he started. Next Montreal interviewed Rovny about his post-AskMen plans, and he’s certainly kept himself busy — he’s already got a new start-up of his own, Oboxmedia, and he’s looking to invest in companies in la belle province.

So, what is Rovny up to these days? Next Montreal decided to find out:

NextMontreal: What is Oboxmedia?

Christopher: Oboxmedia is a media company that offers premium content & integrated advertising solutions reaching Canadian influencers in the 18 to 34 demographic. We reach over 2 million Canadians every month. All our website representation agreements are exclusive and tend to be long-term. Our websites fall into one of the following premium environments: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports and Music.

NextMontreal: Are you actively building new sites? What do you look for when coming up with website concepts?

Christopher: As mentioned above, we would rather represent web properties that are already in full swing but we might end up building our own properties if we feel there’s a good opportunity. In terms of concepts, we look for anything original that caters to our core demo. The concept also has to be scalable.

NextMontreal: As a serial entrepreneur, what recommendations can you make for new founders or people thinking about starting companies?

Christopher: Serial is a strong word to describe my entrepreneurial past. Nevertheless, here are a few practical tips I can share with those looking to start a business. There are a lot of good ideas and a lot of talented people that talk about them, yet there are only a select few that actually put them into action. If you believe in your idea, don’t just talk about it – instead go out there and make it happen. It might sound basic but that’s really where it all starts. 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration is really not too far off.

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