Atlantic Canada Start-up Index - June 2008

by Greg Andrews

The index ranks Atlantic Canada tech start-ups based on an average of Alexa and Compete traffic rankings. Criteria and other details are available on the Start-up Index page. If you have any suggestions for companies to add to the index, please post them in the comments for this post.

Rank + /- Name Alexa   Compete   Average  
1 up 1 Radian6 178,519 up 78,606 up 128,563 up
2 up 1 ScienceHack 187,713 up 105,299 up 146,506 up
3 N   Advanced Publishing 271,125   220,126   245,626  
4 up 1 YourTeamOnline 1,627,778 up 718,290 up 1,173,034 up
5 up 1 WorkHack 685,820 up -   685,820 up
6 up 1 Spheric 2,063,897 up -   2,063,897 up
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Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews

Greg Andrews is a Writer and Web Developer and for Techvibes. Born and raised in Edmonton, Greg was blogging about his high school drama long before it was fashionable. In the Spring of 2007, half a year out of school, Greg moved to Vancouver in search of interesting technology and the Canadian dream. His personal sites are and Photo by kk+ more

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