Atlantic Innovation Fund Invests $12 Million in Canadian Companies Developing Cool Technology

Nova Scotia was recently hit pretty hard. The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency announced it was pulling their support for economic development agencies. Conveniently, however, the very next day the federal government announced that $12 million from the Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) would be going to six of the most innovative technology companies in the province.

The funding was revealed by Peter MacKay, Minister of Defence, in Dartmouth, NS. “The variety of projects being funded in Nova Scotia speaks to the diversity of talent and expertise living and working in your province," he said.

Rolls Royce Naval Marine Canada came out on top, receiving $4 million for the development of unmanned surface marine vessels, which they claim can be used for anything from clearing mines to scouting oil spills, effectively taken people out of dangerous situations.

Carte Nav Solutions received $2.09 million in AIF funding.  The company is a “leader in situational awareness," and will use the money to develop new imagery technology that will be useful for military, police, and commercial purposes. The technology will be able to detect and recognize objects of interest, and send the information anywhere for immediate assessment.  Basically Terminator-Vision.

$5.3 million went to medical research, with $1.9 million of it going to Halifax Biomedical in order to expand the use of its precision imaging system, which can be used for everything from spinal surgery to hip replacement.

The IWK Health Centre received $2.2 million to produce safer x-ray equipment for children, and DMF Medical Inc. were awarded $1.2 million to make anesthetics safer.

Finally, Jasco Research of Dartmouth received $1.9 million for the development of their underwater acoustic monitoring system, which will be used to determine whether commercial and industrial activities have a negative impact on marine environments.

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Stephen Christensen

Stephen Christensen

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