POTUS Still BarackBerry: Barack Obama Sticks with BlackBerry for 'Security Reasons'

Not one to be swayed by its hypercool aesthetic or its store packed with quality apps, US President Barack Obama continues to snub the iPhone in favour of his old standby, a BlackBerry.

Citing "security reasons," Obama argued for the continued use of his BlackBerry phone from the beginning of his first term, and continues to rock a BlackBerry to this day.

Ironically, a Globe and Mail article on the subject points out that Apple was one of the companies that provided server access to the President's own National Security Agency (NSA), according to former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden, a claim which Apple denies.

The POTUS's confidence in the embattled Waterloo, Ontario-based tech company is apparently unshaken, despite the company seeing a series of dramatic downturns that saw its market share plummet.  We reported on Obama's support of BlackBerry this time last year, and since then, the Waterloo company has been beset by problems so severe that at one point, Rogers announced its refusal to sell the company's latest phone (a decision telecom giant has since rescinded).

While debate rages over whether the NSA should have access to everyone's email addresses, President Obama confesses that only 10 people have access to his. As for the technical predilections of past presidents, Barack Obama is actually the first leader of the free world to use email, although rumour has it that George Washington was fond of blackberries. 

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

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