BCBusiness Unveils Inaugural '30 Under 30' List

by Knowlton Thomas

BCBusiness today released its inaugural list of its "30 Under 30" winners.

Here’s the list:

1. Adam Woodhouse – Art Director, Invoke Media

2. Amy Dopson – Founder, PAC 10 Tutoring

3. Andrew Pollard – President, The Mining Recruitment Group

4. Andrew Wilkinson – Founder, MetaLab Design

5. Ann Makosinski – CEO, Hollow Flashlight

6. Annalea Krebs – Founder, Ethico Solutions

7. Arnold Leung – Founder, Appnovation Technologies

8. Boris Martin – Cofounder and COO, Velofix Holdings

9. Brent Hodge – CEO, Hodgee Films

10. Brittney Kerr – Senior Consultant, Earnscliffe Strategy Group

11. Devon MacKenzie – Founder, The Chinatown Experiment

12. Eric Diep – Cofounder, A Thinking Ape Technologies

13. Hunter MacDonald – CEO, Tutela Technologies

14. Igor Faletski – CEO, Mobify

15. Joel Primus – CEO, Naked

16. John Boxall – CTO, Mobify

17. Kyle Hagel – Cofounder, Interactive Athletes

18. Kyle Vucko – CEO, Indochino Apparel

19. Lisa Fraser – Founder & CEO, Squeezease Therapy

20. Luke Strimbold – Mayor, Village of Burns Lake

21. Michael Cheng – Founder of Covr, WittyCookie, TEDxSFU

22. Milun Tesovic – Cofounder, MetroLeap Media

23. Nicholas Molnar – Cofounder, Wantering

24. Rattan Bagga – CEO, New World Natural Foods

25. Ryan Willms – CEO, Inventory Media

26. Ryan Wilson – CEO, Medeo Corp.

27. Sam Chandola – Founder, Victory Square Games Inc.

28. Trevor Loke – Commissioner, Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation

29. Yael Cohen – Founder, Fuck Cancer

30. Zach Berman – Co-owner, The Juice Truck

To celebrate this group, the magazine is hosting a 30 Under 30 event on April 30 in Vancouver.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Invoke is an Award Winning Interactive Agency that specializes in transforming ideas into tangible results executed within a complete interactive brand strategy. As a full service agency, we ensure you receive the best of everything - from a world class website to effective marketing campaigns. Invoke specializes in Social Media Marketing, Branding, Online Strategy, and Website Development. more

Indochino Apparel Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Indochino is the leader in custom online menswear. We provide the modern gentleman with high quality menswear that fits your body perfectly. Our quick 10 minute measurement process can be done from the comfort of your own home; no tailor required. All of our products are hand tailored and delivered to any part of the world within 4 weeks. Indochino makes it easy and affordable for customers to... more

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Mobify is an open platform to adapt any website for mobile devices: smartphones, tablets and more. We help businesses solve the complex design and performance challenges of today's multi-screen web by providing tools and APIs for launching fast, responsive websites. Mobify is built on standard web technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Our platform includes powerful features for remixing any... more

A Thinking Ape
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

A Thinking Ape is a small yet driven team that is dedicated to building strong mobile communities. With our collaborative approach to product design, we ensure the best ideas get the space they need to grow. Our team seeks out intuitive solutions to complex problems, and maintains strong ties to our hacker culture. more

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Wantering is designed to solve one of the most basic problems in online shopping: how do you find something to buy when you don’t know exactly what you want. In order to solve this problem, Wantering has spent the last 18 months building some unique technology. The first piece is the crawling framework that allows Wantering to gather up-to-date pricing, stock, and other metadata about over... more

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton is the managing editor of Techvibes. Based in Vancouver, Knowlton has been published in national publications and has also appeared on television and radio. Previously he was an editor for New Westminster weekly The Other Press and served on its board of directors. When not working, Knowlton enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and martial arts. more

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