Bell backs off throttling practices as open internet battle heats up

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According to a recent email obtained by, Bell has decided to start pulling back the restrictions it has been imposing on online services for the last several years:

“Effective November 2011, new links implemented by Bell to augment our DSL network may not be subject to Technical Internet Traffic Management Practices (ITMP). [...]While congestion still exists, the impact of Peer-to-Peer file sharing applications on congestion has reduced.”

The restrictions imposed on the open Internet were never justified in the first place, OpenMedia claims, and "is glad to see Bell moving away from the practice of throttling access to online services." However, the Vancouver company says that the move "draws further into question why Rogers and other big Internet service providers continue to employ the anti-competitive tactic."

Rogers has been in the center of a drawn-out controversy after it was caught slowing access to online games like the World of Warcraft. In a letter earlier this year, Rogers “recommend[ed] turning off the peer-to-peer setting in the World of Warcraft game and ensuring that no peer-to-peer applications are running on any connected computer."

Over the last few years, many Canadian ISPs have attempted to justify Internet openness violations by claiming that certain types of traffic, predominantly peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing traffic, are overwhelming their networks. Bell’s move today demonstrates clearly that this is not the case.

Entitled Casting An Open Net, an OpenMedia report published earlier this year demonstrates that restricting access online services is "unjust and unnecessary."

“This announcement is further evidence that Rogers and other ISPs are breaking Internet openness rules when they restrict access to online services like peer-to-peer file-sharing," said OpenMedia Executive Director Steve Anderson. "I’m not sure what more the CRTC needs to see in order to finally decide it’s necessary to audit ISPs to make sure they comply with Internet openness rules. Canadians have had enough of this.”

This week also marks the two-year anniversary of the CRTC’s decision to put forward traffic management rules involving Internet openness.

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