Bet Smart Media launches Game-Changing NFL Trend Software

As week two of the 2011 NFL football season wraps up tonight with the Monday night game featuring the Rams and Giants, Victoria's Bet Smart Media announced today the launch of with its promotional partner, Covers Media Group.

NFL Team Trends allows sports bettors to evaluate their favourite football team’s chances of winning an upcoming game by seeing how the team has performed in the past under similar game conditions.

“The masses have never had access to a ‘sandbox’ of sports data like this, and we’re sure to tick a few people off whose business it is to license this type of data for upwards of $15,000,” comments Jesse Learmonth, President of Bet Smart Media. Access to NFL Team Trends is less than $50 per month.

“Everything we do is inspired by our desire to make sports data and statistics more useful to people,” explains Learmonth. “In the case of NFL Team Trends, we see the awesome power that advanced statistical technology has brought to Vegas and government sports books both to create their games and manage their edge. We feel the average bettor deserves similar technology to inform their action and give them a fighting chance.”

Take tonight’s game between the Rams and the Giants. The Giants are favoured to win the game based on current odds, and have a 70% win rate against the Rams in the last 10 games. Most services stop at a basic statistics such as this, but NFL Team Trends allows users to uncover hidden gems based on statistical trend analysis, the likes of which has never before made available to the general public.

Users can ask questions like: in the last 5 years, how has St. Louis done against NFC teams when they are on the road, and in their previous game, St. Louis lost as the underdog on home turf? NFL Team Trends scans its massive data set and spits out a surprising result. Tonight’s game has yielded a 65% ROI for people who bet on the Rams.

This means that if a bettor had NFL Team Trends and followed this trend by betting $100 dollar units on the last 10 Rams games when this trend was in play, they would have made $650 dollars on their money, despite the Rams loosing the vast majority of those games.

Bet Smart Media aims provide a host of new statistics-based sports content solutions, similar to NFL Team Trends, through their soon to be launched statistical sports technology platform,

Bet Smart Media
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Bet Smart is a small Victoria company working on some big things in the global iGaming industry. Since 2010, we’ve been developing web and mobile applications that are used by people that bet on sports, marketed under our own brands as well as partner brands. more

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