Extracting Real Value from Big Data, Rubikloud Uses Analytics to Boost Profits of Retailers

by Jacob Serebrin | Startups

Toronto-based big data startup Rubikloud may be laying low, but that doesn’t mean the company isn’t hard at work.

Rubikloud has developed an analytics program aimed at large retailers and they want to get it right.

According to Kerry Liu, the company’s co-founder and CEO, while there’s a lot of talk about big data, there are fewer companies in the space than people might expect. Many of the “big data” companies out there, Liu says, are just making their customers’ metrics look nice.

“That’s not big data, that’s just visuals,” says Liu. “We don’t have a single employee who doesn’t have a background in this, we’re actually doing it.”

It’s the same story when it comes to analytics startups that say they have a solution that works for every industry - Liu says it just doesn’t work.

“In the big data space you need domain expertise,” says Liu.

And that’s what the company is working on right now. Rubikloud is currently in private bata, and doesn’t plan on taking on new customers until its ready, which Liu says will probably happen near the end of the year.

In the meantime, the team is “working really closely with a group of large early adopters,” to get the system ready to scale and to tailor it to their client base - large retailers.


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“Retail is one of the most inefficient markets out there,” he says. “Decisions are made by gut, by reaction.”

It’s also a big market and one where many of the largest players have large amounts of data but lack the ability to analyze it in-house.

Liu says the plan is to “make it really was for large retailers online or offline to get value from their data.”

For Rubikloud the focus is on tangible data that contributes directly to a businesses revenue and profitability. Liu says the system can incorporate data from online sales, point-of-sale systems in brick and mortar stores, along with personal loyalty data.

“It has to have a direct impact on the bottom line,” he says.

One of the company’s biggest focuses - and why Rubikloud is working so deeply with early adopters - is that the team wants to lear about the retail environment - and which data “buckets” the system needs to support.

“We don’t make the assumption that we know more than the retailers,” Liu says. “We’re obsessed with talking to anyone in retail.”

Because the company has been so focused, Liu says the team is now “feeding that feedback into the product.”

"No buzz words here. Everyone is claiming to be a big data company, but we actually are," affirms Liu.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Rubikloud Technologies inc. is a machine intelligence platform that aims to transform traditional multi-channel retailers into modern data-driven retailers. We are currently the world's fastest growing and largest machine learning platform in the retail industry. more

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