Biggest video game developers in BC

by Rob Lewis

Business in Vancouver annual list of the Biggest video game developers in BC was publsihed today and the usual suspects are near the top.

Rankings are based on the number of staff working in British Columbia in 2009. Data was collected via interviews conducting by BIV with the firms that responded to requests for information as well as internal BIV research.

  1. Electronic Arts - 1,300
  2. United Front Games - 208
  3. THQ Canada (Relic Entertainment) - 200
  4. Radical Entertainment - 175
  5. Blue Castle Games - 165
  6. Propaganda Games -130
  7. Slant Six Games - 120
  8. Ubisoft Vancouver - 120
  9. Next Level Games - 108
  10. Rockstar Vancouver - 100
  11. Threewave Software - 77
  12. Piranha Games - 55
  13. Big Park - 50
  14. Koolhaus Games - 45
  15. Nintendo Canada - 39
  16. Hothead Games - 35
  17. Deep Fried Entertainment - 30
  18. IUGO Mobile Entertainment - 25
  19. Magellan Interactive - 22
  20. A.C.R.O.N.Y.M Games - 22
  21. Smoking Gun Interactive - 21
  22. Big Sandwich Games - 20
  23. Klei Entertainment - 14
  24. Kerberos Productions - 10

So how do these numbers compare to the previous year. Here are the most obvious changes year-over-year:

  • Most layoffs: Electronic Arts cut staff from 1,770 to 1,300
  • Most hires: United Front Games grew from 107 to 208

If you want to learn more, buy yourself a copy of this week's issue or find a friend with a BIV subscription and an online access code.

Electronic Arts
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Want to be part of the Next Generation of games development? EA is the leading developer for next gen games and looking for passionate gamers who want to be a part of this exciting time. EA Canada currently has dozens of games in production and aside from some of the most profitable game titles like FIFA, NBA Street, NHL and Need for Speed, we are also developing some home-grown next gen New IP... more

Radical Entertainment
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Radical Entertainment is a video game developer located in Vancouver, British Columbia. We create and develop games for all current and next generation platforms. With over 15 years of experience and over 230 very talented employees we are well on our way to creating even more successful products. We are proud to have recently released hit titles such as Scarface: The World is Yours, Crash... more

Capcom Games Studios (formerly Blue Castle Games)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

It all started on July 4th, 2005 when 11 of us opened Blue Castle Games in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. We were in a 5,700 square foot facility then and working on one project - The BIGS. Today we are a studio of just over 150 very talented people, set to work hard and have fun this year in our 23,000 square foot facility, working on three new projects. What an exciting time to be at... more

United Front Games
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, United Front Games was formed in 2007 by former employees of Electronic Arts, Radical Entertainment, Black Box Games, Rockstar, Action Pants, Propaganda Games and Next Level Games. more

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Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis

Rob is the President of Techvibes Media and Editor-in-Chief of  His diverse background includes stints in International Trade Finance, Web Development, and Enterprise Software and he is a graduate of the University of British Columbia, British Columbia Institute of Technology, and Simon Fraser University. When not running Canada's leading technology media property, Rob can be... more

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