BlackBerry PlayBook Increases Canadian Marketshare to 19%, Second Only to Weakening iPad

Apple's share of Canada's tablet market continues to gradually slip and users slowly warm up to the myriad competing devices crowding the market.

According to SRG’s quarterly Digital Life Canada study, the iPad accounted for 56% of the tablets in Canadian homes in Q1 2012. In the same quarter one year ago, it had over 80% of the tablet market. 

SRG believes that there is "clearly an appetite for devices with smaller-screen sizes that allow for more portability than the iPad, not to mention at a significantly lower price point," which means there may be truth in the New York Times' iPad "Mini" rumours.

Research in Motion’s Playbook increased its share to 19% while Acer and Asus accounted for 6% and 5% respectively.

This is a success for RIM; however, it's worth noting that RIM slashed the price of its tablet by 60% several months ago to drive sales and has kept the price low. Even though the device is gaining marketshare, the product is not profitable (or even close to it).

SRG also looked at the difference between which apps users download for tablets versys smartphones. Canadians who have both devices also have different apps for their tablet than they do their smartphone. Respondents were more likely, for instance, to have apps on their tablets in the category of ebooks (56% versus 22%), entertainment (52% versus 40%) and games (76% versus 63%) than their smartphone.

In fact, in only two areas were Canadians more likely to have an app on their smartphone than their tablet, SRG says—messaging and shopping.

Chart: SRG

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Knowlton Thomas

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