BlackBerry Q10 Launching in April, Executive Says

We think the BlackBerry Z10 is a pretty cool device. But those wanting to upgrade their Bold 9900 to the next-gen edition of the company's iconic keyboard-clad design are stuck waiting for the Q10 to launch.

The waiting will continue, but BlackBerry has at least offered a fairly concise timeframe for the Q10's release: April.

Andrew MacLeod, Managing Directory for BlackBerry Canada, stated during a BlackBerry Experience Forum Q&A session that "the Q10 will be available with our global carrier partners in the April timeframe."

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According to Andrew, the Q10 is close to being ready, but just isn't quite there yet. "We are still working through the nuance of all the good stuff that goes into a launch, the testing schedule and the go-to-market plans," he said.

It's worth noting that this April launch is global, not just in Canada. And since Canadians get the Z10 a full month ahead of the US, it's possible we could see the Q10 very early in April or perhaps even in late February if all goes well for BlackBerry.

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