Bombardier Uses Adobe Experience Manager to Unify Brands Online

by Knowlton Thomas

Bombardier is the only company in the world to manufacture both aircraft and trains. Bombardier Aerospace delivers aviation products for business, commercial, specialized, and amphibious operations, while Bombardier Transportation delivers rail vehicles and services from production and engineering sites in 26 countries.

With a combined 36,000 employees worldwide, the size and scope of the Canadian company suggests the two divisions are essentially their own companies. But Bombardier wanted to unify its global brand image as part of an overall marketing initiative. Not an easy task given the magnitude of the two separate brands.

The company looked to Adobe, specifically its Experience Manager and Marketing Cloud software, for a solution.

“We’re proud to have two very strong brands, but the Aerospace and Transportation divisions had developed separate identities over the years,” explains Jean-Francois Deschênes, chief web officer and director of human resource information systems at Bombardier. “Rather than continuing to handle each division separately, we wanted to take advantage of the brand’s full potential and market Bombardier as an overall leader in transportation manufacturing.”

To successfully communicate a unified brand to a global audience, the Bombardier team realized they needed to standardize on a more advanced web content management system capable of enterprise-level functionality. Adobe passed the company's tests.

“Adobe Experience Manager received unanimous approval from all our stakeholders,” said Deschênes.“This was noteworthy for several reasons, including that fact that we got all parties to get behind a single solution. In addition, standardizing on Adobe Experience Manager would help prevent us from reverting back to the siloed approaches that previously challenged our teams.”

Bombardier has more than 100 websites in 40 countries and 10 languages. Naturally, the company wanted to consolidate the web environment. All customers are now directed to, which acts as a central web portal with links to specialized pages, business sites, and country-specific websites.

Already used on the main portal, Bombardier says it will roll out Adobe Experience Manager on five major sites, including country sites, within the year. After finishing with the major websites, Bombardier plans to accelerate migration and transition 60% of all webpages in the next three years.

“We need to control the overall look and feel of the brand, but still give local managers the flexibility toadjust content to fit their particular markets,” notes Deschênes. “Adobe Experience Manager combines the control and personalization capabilities that we need to accomplish our goals.”

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Knowlton Thomas

Knowlton Thomas

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