I Think Security's Boomerang Creates Documents You Can Share, Then Take Back

Waterloo-based I Think Security, known for for a highly secure USB device called QI, is launching the beta of a new product: Boomerang Doc.

Boomerang aims to "rethink secure sharing" by allowing users to share documents, then pull them back. The recipient of the file can view the file, but they can't edit, save, print, or copy it. The software allows users to render any document read-only and full retrievable by the sender. It keeps the ball in the sender's court at all times.

"Obviously it has a lot of applicability,” company founder Cedric Jeannot said to Communitech. "Everybody can find their own use, so we’re pretty confident there will be more and more use cases that we don’t even know about yet."

Security is so embedded into a Boomeranged document that recipients can't even screenshot it. The Canadian startup says it will even create a way to prevent photos being taken of the document. All a recipient could possibly do is write down the contents of the document on a physical piece of paper.

I Think Security now has 10 employees and paying customers in 10 countries. The steadily growing startup plans to double its headcount this year. It's also raising a Series A investment round, according to Jeannot.

I Think Security
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

I Think Security is a Data Protection company that focuses on providing state-of-the-art, bulletproof IT security solutions of unparalleled reliability to protect the most sensitive corporate information. Our products are easy to deploy, technology agnostic and supported by sophisticated analytics and controls. Our activities include a unique way of providing Data Protection, Cloud Security,... more

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