Brett Wilson: Here's What Type of Leadership Will Take Canada to the Next Level

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W. Brett Wilson, one of Canada's most prominent entrepreneurs, believes our nation is in need of a new wave of leadership. But not just from its leaders—from everybody.

In an article for the Financial Post, Brett outlined five types of leadership that will benefit Canada today.

• Moral leadership. "There has never been a greater need, or better time, for moral leadership," he says.

• Business leadership. "This is the perfect time to inspire a renaissance in some basic life principles, such as honesty, fairness and mutual gain," Brett affirms.

• Economic leadership. "We need to understand and explore the elements of the value-chain from extraction to consumption, and put ourselves in the economic driver’s seat," he argues.

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• Personal leadership. "This requires self-discipline and commitment to positive self-belief, such as: having confidence you can succeed … not letting fear of failure get you down … [and] believing you can keep improving in everything you do," Brett explains.

• Community leadership. "We are not here just to make a living, we are also here to make a difference in our world," he suggests.

Brett's bottom line is that "success is more sustainable and rewarding when it’s achieved without jeopardizing integrity." He says you will sleep better and find financial gain without losing the respect of your employees, customers, or competitors.

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