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by Jeff Clemens | Startups

LinkedIn offers a new style of resume for those using their services in the form of

The site allows users to create a visual representation of their Linkedin profile to showcase themselves in a more modern style. With competition being fierce for jobs, this allows a new approach for those looking to have an edge in the application process.

The site itself has a video to demonstrate how the process works and how it can give an edge for a typical job seeker.

The idea for the project came after journalism student Chris Spurlock created a viral resume to showcase himself in a way different from the traditional resume style. The ability to take a boring traditional resume and turn it into something new and exciting will likely give new life to the job hunt and be a welcome change for hiring managers.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

We believe that the traditional text resume is boring, lengthy and long overdue for a makeover. We are creating an online resume format that is beautiful, relevant and fun. We want to enable people to express their professional accomplishments in a simple yet compelling personal visualization. Our vision is to become the future of resumes. We live and breathe our work and love our jobs. more

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Jeff Clemens

Jeff Clemens

I'm a journalist and I'm an editor at . I'm always busy listening to music and playing video games. What an awful thing I have to do! more

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