Calgary's Momentem hands out Top Tagger of 2010 award

by Sarah Blue

While developers spend most of their time on iPhone and Android apps, the Momentem team has constantly focused on Blackberry. Specifically, how to help their customers bill their time more effectively through their Blackberry. They’re clearly quite successful at it, having just handed out the Momentem’s Top Tagger for 2010 award.

The award went to John Wu, an IT Consultant based on the East Coast of the USA. He has won this title as a result of him tagging 32 hours a week of his time using the service throughout 2010. Like so many busy professionals, John depends on his BlackBerry.  Every month he makes and receives hundreds of calls, reads and sends thousands of emails, and logs all of his meetings, keeping track of it all with Momentem.

Always running in the background, Momentem pops up after each event on his phone inviting him to assign it to a specific client or project and to add any additional notes. When John needs to collect all of the information he has logged via the app he uses the Momentem hosted service to generate Excel spreadsheets, neatly sorted by client and project, which he can use to generate his invoices and timesheets. Consistently logging 32 hours per week throughout 2010, it is clear to see that Momentem, and John’s BlackBerry, are used for the vast majority of his working week.  John is one of a growing number of smartphone users worldwide who depend on Momentem to accurately capture their calls and time, enabling them to bill more time and recover more costs.

Momentem, powered by parent company Wmode, has received several awards and appears on many “Top 10 apps” lists including IT Pro, MSN Tech and Gadgets, and Fierce Wireless.   

Talking about the Momentem service, Terry Hughes, Head of Market Development at Wmode, said “Congratulations to our Tagger of the Year 2010.  John has illustrated that busy people will embrace and pay monthly for apps like ours as long as we deliver something that’s easy to use, and which delivers an outstanding return on investment.  We are getting huge demand from Android users for our service, and for integration with QuickBooks and FreshBooks, so watch this space as we continue to deliver a compelling proposition to business users of smartphones worldwide.”

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Sarah Blue

Sarah Blue

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