Camaraderie finds a home

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Early Wednesday morning the good folks at Camaraderie announced on their blog that they have finally secured the premises at 102 Adelaide Street East in the heart of downtown Toronto.  cam

Camaraderie is as much an idea as it is a location:  

Born from the feeling of collaboration and connection found at events such as BarCamp, coworking is the social interaction beyond the internet, getting independent workers, developers, and consultants out of their homes and cafes and into a creative space.

This news is being applauded by those in the tech, start-up, and entrepreneurial space.  Camaraderie will be home to professionals looking to not only work independently but also within an environment where ideas can be shared, sparked and nurtured.

Camaraderie will be hosting a two-week open house starting on February 15th. For more information on this space and other developments at Camaraderie, please visit their website.

Camaraderie Coworking
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Imagine a shared office space with the best elements of café culture and a productive, functional work environment that is affordable for independents, freelancers, and startups to gain ground. Camaraderie is the spirit of friendly good-fellowship, an apt name for an open, shared facility where being a lonely freelancer is yesterday’s news and today’s entrepreneurs usher in the future. Drop in... more

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