Can Home Automation Via Cutting-Edge Digital Technologies Increase Your Home Value?

by Harry Saini

When most people think of increasing their property values, they often assume that thousands—if not hundreds of thousands—of dollars need to be spent on renovation efforts and major property overhauls. But digital home technology specialists understand the challenges that homeowners face and are continually innovating technologies that simplify the home environment, make it more secure, reduce energy costs, and boost home values.

The official term for decking the home out with cutting-edge technologies is referred to in the industry as “home automation.” By installing various platforms for the automation of window blinds, central air conditioning and heating, home locks, indoor and outdoor lighting, and/or garage door, your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, and Android devices become the ultimate home control devices. And that's a real selling feature.

Home automation gives you full control of your abode—and it increases your property's value to boot. Experts in the arena refer to this as “future proofing” your living environment. The beauty of the process is that the process doesn’t happen all at once.

For instance, you can choose to begin the process by installing a home cinema system that includes automatic blinds, 5.1 home theater speakers, and automated lighting. And then at a later date, you can install smart security and automated lighting control systems for other parts of the home. The processes are never as intrusive or messy as ripping up old floors or tearing down walls.

Because they understand the value of “future proofing” a home, property developers consider home automation systems a necessity within their developments. Over the past five years, such technologies have become amazingly affordable, which provides developers innovative and affordable ways to make their homes more energy efficient. In fact, heating and lighting control systems have the power to save families up to 25% on energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

There really is no limit as to how you can develop your digital smart home infrastructure and to the benefits it can hold. If you dream it, there is probably a technology to bring your dream to life.

According to today’s developers, home automation is the way of the present and the future. Put simply, the more intuitive you make your home technologies, the more you will add to its value.

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Harry Saini

Harry Saini

Harry Saini is the founder and owner of Digital Smart Homes and DSH Pro, two Electronic Systems Firms that focus on Residential and Commercial projects respectively. Born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, Harry has over 23 years of professional hands-on experience with a vast array of electronic devices and systems. In his spare time he loves to surf, SUP, rock climb, snowboard,... more

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