Can mobile apps help to shorten the condo sales process?

Condo App Signing DealLast week, I met with Milan Baic, Creative Director at Toronto-based startup Cordon Media Inc., whose company has developed numerous mobile apps for sales organizations in North America. In Cordon Media’s early days, Baic and his team developed an award-winning interactive app to help sell newly renovated stadium suites at Madison Square Garden.

Baic believes that mobile tablets and apps can be used to shorten the sales process for condo developers – taking the buyer from registration to purchase agreement, without ever having to leave the sales center.

Baic and his team were inspired by Mercedes-Benz, which successfully tested the iPad as a sales tool for dealerships. The mobile tablet was used to close deals, check the latest marketing offers on particular models, and run credit checks quickly on the sales room floor. The test was so successful in helping their sales force that Mercedez-Benz is now expanding the iPad program to 355 dealerships worldwide.

The Cordon Media Condo App works by answering all of the questions that new condo developers are asked in a typical customer meeting. “It’s everything you need in a sales center – all in one spot,” says Baic.

As soon as the buyer arrives at the sales center, they enter their details and criteria via a registration form on the iPad app. Back-end analytics data tracks the buyer’s behaviour while they use the app in real-time. This helps to identify the appropriate, available condo units that will meet their needs.

From viewing brochure-like details about the condo units, to the ability to select and preview wood finishes and floor plans, buyers get all of the information that they need to make their purchase decision. 

As buyers enter in more data, the app’s back-end analytics tool identifies all available inventories in the customer’s price-range. Users have access to a mortgage calculator, contained within the app, to figure out what they can afford.

Developers can even put QR codes all over the sales center walls. As the buyer travels through the room, they can use the iPad camera to reveal messages about each of the condo’s key features.

Once all of the details are decided, buyers can sign-off on the agreement – right there on the tablet. “The information is pre-populated on the agreement form because we’ve been gathering it on the back-end all along,” says Baic.

Cordon Media is in the process of pitching the app to potential partners. It’ll be interesting to find out if any developers start using it in the near future, and whether it does its job in closing deals faster. For more information visit

Here’s a demo video of exactly how the app works:

Cordon Media Inc.
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Cordon Media builds cutting-edge tablet experiences that enhance brand value. We are a boutique agency specializing in digitally enhanced sales applications for tablet computing. We are focused on initiating innovative concepts for user experience in the sales and retail environment. more

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