Canada in the slow lane on the Information Superhighway

by Steve Dotto

Pando Networks, has released a study on how fast the Internet is, ranking 224 counties. Canada is mired in the middle of the pack.

Canadian speed is a pedestrian 579KBps, a long way away from Korea, who’s lucky webizens are on the super-info-autobahn cruising along at 2,202KBps! Nearly 4 times faster than than Canadian numbers.

In fact it seems Canada is closer to the have not’s (Congo has speeds marginally faster than dial up modems at 13KBps, Central African Republic is 14KBps) than the haves. Our southern neighbours fare little better, with an average of 616KBps, although they do have one ISP (Verizon) that averages significantly higher at 1,056KBps.

Behind Korea at the top of the list is a gaggle of eastern European nations, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine. If they eat borscht, they probably have fast Internet! While it appears Canada sucks worse at Internet speeds than we do at soccer, some other nations should also hang their virtual heads. Australia at a paltry 348KBps and unsurprising, China in at 245KBps.

The study also included city ratings, if you live in North Vancouver at least as far as Canada goes, you are in the fast lane, at 864KBps, Toronto a sad 500KBps and puttering along at 350KBps, Regina, respect slow moving farm traffic!


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Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto

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